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Average Sales Price per Square Foot for Greater Metrowest Boston from Jan 1, 2017 to Today

Average Sales Price per Square Foot for Greater Metrowest Boston from Jan 1, 2017 to Today

It’s been a great year in real estate, and there’s still a solid quarter to jump in and get your dream house or sell your current house. Buyers and Sellers alike find one statistic very useful. This is … what is the average price houses are selling for per square foot of living area for any given town.  Although the average is not a perfect number to apply to every home it can be useful to figure affordability and to set realistic expectations of success for any given group of towns. So, as of today, here’s the breakdown for Metrowest from the beginning of the year to today (from lowest to highest) :

  • Hudson   ($171)
  • Marlborough   ($171)
  • Maynard   ($195)
  • Ashland   ($197)
  • Northborough   ($197)
  • Stow   ($202)
  • Framingham   ($204)
  • Southborough   ($208)
  • Boxborough   ($213)
  • Acton   ($237)
  • Sudbury   ($248)
  • Natick   ($270)
  • Wayland   ($281)
  • Lincoln   ($336)
  • Concord   ($354)
  • Needham   ($356)
  • Weston   ($391)
  • Wellesley   ($441)
Miniature City

Miniature City

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Your Sudbury Market in 2013 Was Awesome!

Every year I take a little time and analyze the Sudbury real estate market data for trends, changes, and other useful information … for your update click on the YouTube link. ┬áTo make a long story short, many trends are up and the market is currently favoring sellers over buyers.

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