What is a Bungalow House Style?

Bungalows are some of the most common homes found in older neighborhoods of New England, often near lakes and rivers. These homes became very popular from the 1910’s to the 1930 ‘s and are still popular as “starter” homes in the lowest price range in their towns.

These homes are generally narrow but deep homes often with detached or no garages. This is usually a function of their small lot size, with many of them on lots less than ¼ acre.

Bungalows are almost always one story but sometimes 1-½ stories high, and when located on lakefronts with steep banks they often have walk-out basements with glass-enclosed family rooms in the lower level. These homes also usually have a small porch with square columns set on footings. The porches are often enclosed with screens to keep the bugs away on the summer nights and the crawlspace underneath the porch is used for seasonal storage of outdoor furniture and equipment.

The majority of original bungalows were built as “camps” or “summer” homes and have been “winterized” and fitted with central heating and all the fixings that support year-round living.

They can be very charming from the outside and Realtors often use descriptors such as “cute” or “cozy”. In addition, the interiors reflect an earlier time when leisure and a slower pace of life were embraced by a whole generation.

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