What is a Colonial House Style?

colonial house styleColonials are a direct offshoot of the Cape style and are descended from the houses that the original Colonists lived in back in the old country. They are to this day one of the most entrenched forms of homes to be found in New England.

They are distinguished by their rectangular, symmetrical design with bedrooms on the second floor; double-hung windows featuring small, equally sized panes; windows framed by shutters; elaborate cornice moldings over the windows; sometimes a protruding stone entry with columns and a fanlight; clapboard siding; gabled roofs covered in shingles; and a central hallway that runs from the front to the rear of the home.

The efficiency of placing the sleeping areas directly above the living areas because rising heat from cooking and fireplaces rises into the sleeping chambers and is not wasted is credited for the initial popularity of the style.

Versions built after the late 1800’s tend to have a single, central chimney while traditional homes built in the 1700s and 1800s have a chimney at each end, although some of the huge colonials being built in the last few years are showing a return to the dual chimneys at the ends.

By far the most popular house style for today’s buyers in the Metrowest region, they tend to steadily increase in value and are ideal candidates for updating and additions.pinterest-sq

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