What is a Garrison Colonial House Style?

garrisonGarrison Colonials are a distinctive sub-category of the colonial house style, found throughout Metrowest but not very typical for other parts of the country.

The origins of the garrison home can be traced back to England, where this style of house was called a “two-story English overhang” – because the second story overhangs the first.

This style is distinguished by a second story overhanging the long side of the house and below that overhang there are often a set of four decorative carvings such as pineapples or acorns.

Like other colonials, they are very symmetrical, and depending on the creativity of the builder often have the lower level faced with stone or brick while the upper story is always faced with clapboards.

Unlike other colonial styles, they almost always have a single chimney at one end of the house and the windows on the second story are usually smaller than those on the first.

This style of house has been built from colonial times through the 1970’s but are not often built today.

Garrisons are usually very well built, great houses for the mid-range buyers and are often purchased as “mover-upper” homes by second time house buyers as their families outgrow their first homes.


For some great examples of Garrison Colonial Style Homes click on the above Pinterest link