What I Like About Sudbury

Sudbury, Massachusetts is a progressive town where history coexists peacefully with modern lifestyles. Located just shy of 20 miles from downtown Boston, (town shown in red on attached map) the town of 18,000+ residents is conveniently found halfway between the inner (Rt. 128) and outer (Rt. 495) beltways.Typical commutes for the townsfolk are 30 minutes.

 As it was incorporated as a Town in 1639, you can imagine there’s a lot of early American history in Sudbury. One of my favorite sources for the history of the town of Sudbury is hosted and written by the members of the Senior Center, have a look, you’ll find it interesting and informative.

For anyone who craves data and facts and figures, there’s a great wiki here. Knock yourself out.

Here’s some of the stuff you might want to know:

Shopping: You are 15 minutes to the shopping Mecca’s of Metrowest in Natick and Framingham. For really upscale you can go to Chestnut Hill in Brookline or Newbury Street in Boston in about half an hour.

Schools: 4 Elementary and 1 Middle – all outstanding. High School is regional, shared with the Town of Lincoln – also outstanding.

Restaurants & Markets: There are a number of fine restaurants in the town, a Starbucks, and a Dunkin Donuts. There’s also the original Sudbury Farms supermarket with a killer take-out/deli. Down the road a piece there’s a Whole Foods supermarket.

Taxes: Not cheap, but none of the towns around here are bargains, you do get a good value.

Transportation: You pretty much have to drive everywhere. There’s a commuter rail in Lincoln/Weston that takes you to North Station. There’s one in Framingham that takes you to South Station.

Religious Institutions: Currently there are Baptist, Catholic (2), Congregational, Episcopal, Church of New Jerusalem, Jewish (2), Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, Unitarian, and Non-denominational parishes in town.

Hospitals: There are three excellent hospitals nearby: Emerson Hospital in Concord, Metrowest Medical Center in Framingham, and Marlborough Hospital in Marlborough. Obviously, some of the finest hospitals in the country are minutes away in Boston.

Government: Town form of government with three Selectmen and a professional Town Manager. One of the oldest continuously running Town Meetings in the US – if you’ve never sat through one you really should, it’s in March, and it’s really a tribute to the staying power of our democratic principles.

Overall Rating: It’s a really nice town and I like to live here.